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Some of my most common questions


How do we book?

The fiorst steps is to fill out the Wedding Enquiry form in as much detail as you can. I'll then get back to you with availability, we have a chat over Zoom, you pay your deposit & your date is secured! Yay!

What are your payment terms?

To secure your wedding date you need to sign the contract & pay your booking fee. Your date is not secure until this is done.

The booking fee is £250 & is non-refundable. Your remaining balance is then due 4 weeks prior to your wedding date.

What happens after the wedding?

I will aim to get you a small selection of sneak peek images over to you within 48 hours.

Following this, you will be sent you whole gallery within 4-6 weeks.

Depending on which package you pick, you may also get a little surprise from me in the post.

Other than that, its all done unless you want help with prints and/or albums.

Do you offer any extras / video highlights?

At the moment it is just photography. I would love to introduced highlight films in the future.

In terms of additional prints, albums, framed prints etc I'm always happy to help design or organise these for you. Everything is professional printed & very high quality.

How many images do we get?

This completely depends on what your day looks like - how many guests is there, what entertainment do you have, what you have planned for your guests & most importantly, how long I'm there with you!

As a general rule, expect anything between 300 - 600. If it's a good picture, you will get it!

Do we need to feed you?

Short answer is, Yes please!

If you book a package which means I'm with you for 10 hours then I would appreciate some food,

A supplier meal or even just a couple of sandwiches will be grand. If you cannot feed me, I will need to leave the venue to get something which means I might miss some special moments.

What do you do when we are eating?

I take a break & also eat!

I will also use this time to start backing up my camera images so they are all safe!

I may also spend some time getting some other venue/detail shots if required or I might get started on your sneak peeks - depends how much time I have!

what happens on our wedding day?

I will arrive at the venue/bridal party prep location about 2 hours before your ceremony.

This give me plenty time to capture all those pre-wedding shots, wedding details etc etc.

We will then just work to your wedding timeline making sure to schedule in those important group & couple shots.

Depending on which package you have booked, I will either leave just after speeches/before wedding breakfast (5 hr / half day) or 30 minutes after your first dance (10 hr / whole day).
If you decide that you want me to stay longer then that might be possible. You would then be charged at an hourly rate of £150p/h.

Do you travel?

In simple terms, Yes!

Up to 50 miles is included in your package price, anything further is then charged at 50p per mile.

If your venue is over 100 miles away, we may need to discuss accommodation for the evening before or after your wedding if you have booked the fully day package.

How do we get our images?

You will recieve a selection of fully editied images within 48 hours of your wedding day as a little teaser!

Following that, I start work on your full gallery which may take 4 - 6 weeks depending on my schedule.

All edited images will then be uploaded to a super cool online gallery which I will send you the link to.

You can then download these images and share the gallery to all your family & friends as you wish.

Depending on your package, you may also recieve a small gift in the post from me a few weeks following this.

How do you edit?

I am a slightly darker, moody edit with slighty muted colours. Make sure you have a look at my portfolio to ensure you like this....if you are looking for a bright, airy image with very green grass then I'm not the photographer for you!

I do not/will not edit the way you look in anyway so, if you want someone to add hair, reduce double chins, whiten teeth etc - thats also not me! I will capture you as you & add my bespoke edit/colour only.

I love a full frame, close up shot and love to capture all the little details & emotions that are so easily missed.

Will our pictures be used on social media?

Yes! There is a note on this in your contract but upon signing, you have agreed that you are happy for me to share some of your images on social media.

I advertise my business mainly via social media so I need a continuous stream of new images to share & inspire other potential clients.

If there are certain people at your wedding that absolutely cannot be shown on social channels then just let me know & I can make sure I don't use images which include them.

HOW many weddings do I shoot a year?

My kids are still little & happy to hang out with me (just!!...that's questionable for the 8 year old!) so I want to make the most of it.

That being said, I don't want more that 1 - 2 weddings per month. It also give me time to really focus on you & your day.

So yes, very limited availability. Get in touch quick if you are interested.

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