WEDDING photography

How I will capture your day.

My wedding experience

Photography has been my passion for years. I started with family photography & over the past couple of years have dived into weddings. Maybe its because I was getting married myself but I fell in love with all things wedding - from the prep to the ceremony & of course, the crazy dancing in the evening. I love capturing all those little moments & emotions that each day brings.


Over the years, im addition to my own couples, I have spent time perfecting my bespoke style by attending workshops & styled shoots and have had the opportunity to second shoot with some amazing UK photographers. I think it's so important to keep investing in myself & develop my expertise. I'm so lucky to be abe to call this my 'job'.

My Photography style

Full disclosure...I'm not sure I'm ready to 'pigeon hole' myself & declare a specific style. Why? Because so many factors (time of year, location, theme, days activities etc) will all contribute to the final overall look of my images. An intimite city elopement will look vastly different to a big barn dance but, the way I edit, the presets & tools I use will always remain the same.

What I can tell you...I'm a sucker for a slightly darker, moody edit but with warm tones for a striking balance. I love a close-up shot, hunt out the emotion & I'm up for a bit of adventure.

Please make sure you take a look at my social media channels & check out my portfolio to make sure that you like my images. Every photography has a very different edit style and it is so important that you like it.

How I work on your wedding day

This is your day & I'm sure the last thing you will want is for me to be constantly in your face SO, apart for couples portraits (when I will/might be pretty close at times!) my aim is to float around snapping all those amazing, crazy moments that you might miss without being to visable.

When it comes to couple & groups shots, I'll give you some guidance but I won't manoeuvre you into any cringeworthy poses...don't panic! I will make these as fun and as relaxed as I can & try to do something a little different from the bog standard 'robot pose'.

Remember to have fun

As recent bride myself, I know how quickly your day will pass - everyone will want a piece of the new married couple. Inevitably this means there will be little snippets of your day that you will miss...that's where I come in!

I will do my absolute best to document them all for you. So, all you need to do is concentrate on getting married and having fun! Enjoy every second knowing that you will have amazing memories to look back on.

What I really want

When I received my wedding images back (& any family shoot images we have had over the years for that matter!) they make me so happy & emotional.

Photographs really do make the best memories & all I want to do, is make you feel the same way I felt....a blubbering, emotional wreck every time you see them!

Check out my portfolio

Recording those special moments...


'We are in love with the photos. They look amazing and we are so grateful for what an amazing job Laura did. The candid photos that Laura took of our guests were lovely and everyone couldn't speak highly enough of her.'

Victoria and jordan
bride & groom

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